Thursday, November 06, 2008


black america!

who would have thought we get to see a black man as the president of the united states. not in my life time, or so i thought. just think, a few years ago, if mr obama were to jog around a middle class white area in any average white suburbs of america he would probably be chased after by a policeman . and now he's the president of the usa!

if truth be told when i first saw him on tv about a year ago, i thought to myself. why, he reminds me of one of my drug addict friends back home! and i have an instant and instinctive and incomprehensible dislike for him. but to quote that idiot character Chad (brad pit) in the hilarious movie burn after reading - in the scene in the car before he got socked on the nose by the foul mouthed Osbourne Cox ( john malkovich)- "osbourne cox, appearance can be deceptive"...and how true it is in the case of mr obama. and i distinctly remember one japanese girl interviewed on cnn declared that she will not vote for obama -because he's black.

but that was a year back which now seems like so long ago. and now the whole world seems to be madly in love with him. it's like beatlemania. or a mawi mania multplied a billion times. the level of world interest and excitement leading to this cycle of US presidential election is absolutely phenomenal and the level of support for obama as reflected in this on line voting is universal.(i stole this from crankshaft). Out of a total of 868,144 unique votes from 213 different countries obama won with a landslide majority in ALL the countries except one, macedonia. and another place called Niue which i've never heard of before where there's only a single vote and this is for mcCain.

the world seems to be truly fed up with bush and his bullying ways and everyone hungers for a change. for a new america which is more benign and sympathetic to the world at large.
but if it was a person other than obama, say hillary clinton against mcCain would the interest be the same?

and now that he is the president would obama be able to do any thing different? or would it be more of the same packaged in a different way? i am not optimistic at all and not too hopeful but all the same i wish him all the best to bring CHANGE.

ps: this morning i shoot an e-mail to a collegue in Indiana and here's her comment...which i think is very realistic and well said.

Most everyone you talk to is thrilled that Obama won. McCain was a good man, but a lot of people thought that a vote for McCain was a vote for the same - and the American people are really fed up with Bush. The only reason he was re-elected four years ago was because of the person that ran against him. Therefore, it was not a vote for Bush but a vote against the Democrat that was running. He was not good either. We knew what we had with Bush, which wasn't good, but it would have been worse with the other guy. But, I think we ended up being wrong, but because things got worse and worse. I just hope that Bush is removed before everything goes to pot here. He can't get out of office soon enough for me.

It will be interesting to see what and who Obama puts into his cabinet. That will make him or break him. The next few months should be very interesting. I hope he chooses good and educated people, and not people that he needs to reward for helping him gain the election.

Any way - I'm hoping this is a new beginning and change really is in store for us.

If left leaning Niue could, it would have voted for Obama. The single McCain vote was from a visitor. Niue is the smallest soveriegn country on earth Pop 1100 (20,000 in New Zealand)
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