Wednesday, December 31, 2008


my 2008

today is the last day of 2008 and what a year it has been. i've never done this before but here's my best and worst list for the year.

A for asshole: the biggest asshole of the year

local: khairy jamaludin

kj otherwise known simply as the SIL (son in law) is without doubt the biggest dickhead in 2008. according to some he's one of the biggest factors contributing to the worst BN result in malaysian election history. he more than anyone else exemplify what is wrong with umno. this is quite ironic. khairi has everything, the connection, the brain and the devillish good look but he helped malaysians to wake up. it finally made people sick of UMNO, a party run and controlled by greedy self serving corrupt politicians .

international: george w bush

if not for bush a black man would never have been elected as the next president of the united states. bush is hated so much at home and abroad that no matter how good a republican presidential candidate had been, he would still be considered a laibility as he would be seen connected with bush and would be beaten by anyone from the democrat party. what an ending for bush. he leaves the presidency with the economy in tatters and the foreign adventure far from any form of closure. and to cap it all a pair of shoes was thrown in his face. i think bush will not loose sleep thinking about hundreds of thousands of lives he help to destroy in iraq and afghanistan but he will never ever forget this insult. he'll be tormented till he dies.

B for blog: best blogs of the year

i don't actually read too many blogs. i generally steer away from political blogs as these usually only make me feel depressed and angry. according to a newspaper report recently there are well over 1000 malaysian socio-political blogs but the few notable ones for me and that i visit quite frequently are as follows:-

rocky's bru :- for his breaking news which i may or may not agree
chedet :- for his opinionated views which i may or may not agree. one thing i love about blogs is the comments to a post but unfortunately one notable feature of chedet's blog is the people who comments to his posts. these people are some of the most retarded yes men and sycophants you'll ever see in blogosphere. i never read comments to chedet's blog. they are too stupid. i may be wrong because i had never pass beyond the first ten comments and these first ten were nothing but "yes tun i fully agree with you..." and variations of this crap. one memorable commentor wrote how happy she was that tun ate a whole plate of mee when he visited her home. what a cunt.
khalid samad: - to check the pulse of the new PAS . khalid is the younger brother of sharir samad and shah alam member of parliament.
niamah :- probably the only socio-politico blog that can make me laugh and cry at the same time.

there are a few others that i wish to visit more often but they make it rather less user friendly for comments. jed yoong for example. and the worst are those that were once open to all and now restricted like feisal tehrani. what does mr tehrani think he is? too precious for the common people who want to learn something from his 'great' mind?

and unfortunately some of the more fun blogs that i go quite often are no longer active. one that used to be my favorite is grumpy old bookman. it is no longer active since nov 2007. i love it not only for the mass of information he gave but also his sense of humor. and another one which has been inactive since november 2008 (which is a pity) is rox un cut. this is the only lady blogger that i trully am impressed with. her intelligent sock it in the face ballsy kind of writing is so entertaining that it doesn't matter what she writes about. i hate to be her husband or boyfriend. being a male chauvinist pig myself my kind of lady is one who put diapers on babies, clean and cook while i laze around watching tv and i think with this kind of lady i would have a fight from day one.

i save the best to last. my blog of the year without doubt goes to bibliobibuli. this is the only blog that i visit religiously . (a) because i'm a book addict. and (b) i love the catty fights in the comments which i must admit i joined and sometimes started myself. i'd love to have mud wrestling with some of the more agressive women commentors while we fight over melville or some of those boring booker books.

C for.....

never mind. it's too long already so i just stop here.

Ah, I'm still around greenbottle ... I'm just immersing myself in work to stop wallowing in self-pity for dumping doc, and I'm tying up loose ends before I head for the states ...

What fight? I know you love me too so I prefer to tango with you than fight lah.

And I love Sharon because her blog is a textbook example of unpretentious writing. I just couldn't resist provoking her commentors too - got 'em all flustered and defensive ... and then Sharon had to step in as referee, haha. Sorry, Sharon!
Hey Greenbottle

Blessed New YEar to you and your family.
It's quite easy to comment, just have to register. Takes a few seconds.
I am looking for a plugin that will allow blogspot and wordpress bloggers to comment as seamlessly as possible.
I had to restrict the comments as I was getting too many troopers all posing as different people.
Hope to see you more!
Anyway, tks for the link.
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