Sunday, December 07, 2008


taste of cherry

watched another turtle fucking movie a couple of nights ago. a very good one. it's the iranian abbas kiarostami's taste of cherry. if i don't know better i'd think this is a porn movie by the sound of the title but it's nothing of the kind. far from it. it's a quintesssential art house movie . a meditation on suicide in fact. how far from porn can that be.

this is one of the movies often cited by malayisan censor board as an example of what movies should be like. mr kiarostami can make brilliant movies without stepping on the toes of iranian censor board and it's very restictive rules. and so why can't malaysian movie makers give us quality movies like these iranian films instead of making rubbish that pretend to be cutting age and liberal local turtle fucking movies that gets on censor board and everybody's nerves?

in malaysia we have two types of films. one is the yasmin ahmad kind of films which tend to have problems with the censor board and nobody watches and another is movies made by retards for general public whose IQs are just about 5 points above an average monkey. it's a lose lose situation either way. and so i still don't watch local movies and just watch repeats of coen brothers to cheer me up or watch dark art house movies that only make me feel depressed.

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