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scientists are very clever people. take my collegues for example. they are in the business of torturing rats to find out certain things. it's not always rats though. in some cases they do it to rabbits, and also to other 'lower' animals like birds, fishes, and even earthworms. and in the old days to 'higher' animals like dogs and monkeys. but these days they just stick to rats mostly, or sometimes to rabbits and guinea pigs.

and the things they do to these animals are rather interesting . for example they force feed certain chemicals to pregnant rats to see if these rats will abort their feotus. and they force feed male rats to see if their little balls and their little peckers will shrink as a result of feeding on these chemicals. sometimes they will spary these chemicals into the rats' eyes and see if these will result in what they refer to as 'eye irritation'. needless to say some may go blind if the chemical is nasty enough. in other cases they will feed these rats at varying doses over long period of time and at the end of the 'experiment' they will cut up the animals to see if the chemical produce CANCER to any organs.

and all these tortures, slow death and killings are done in the name of science and for the benefit of mankind. because the thing is, from all these tortures my collegues will get a body of data and results which they will then extrapolate to us human beings and make a wise ponouncement whether a certain chemical can be used by humans without giving any unaccepatble health hazard and risk. so in a sense my fellow collegues, who are so pacifist and won't hurt a flea , all very upright and some very god fearing and religious even, can sleep easy. what they do is something they had to do for the greater good of fellow human beings.

i guess that is how people like george bush and those israelis justify their atrocities. they have blood on their hands but the things they had to do are something unavoidable. something they had to do for the greater good of mankind. i suppose the same argument also applies to the suicide bombers and all the other 'murderers' who kill for idealism. i suppose the nazis cooked up about six million jews because they think their action was for the greater good of mankind for in their eyes jews were vermins. so who are we to say who is right and who is wrong?

what is the difference between killing one man and one million? what is the difference of killing a rat and killing a human being. the jains of india certainly won't see any difference there. and so we go on and on for ever and ever killing each other because we think what we do is for the greater good of mankind. we burn and sacrifice ourselves because we think these are a small price to pay for the ultimate goal. in a morbid way we think that these killings are in fact an act of altruism.

i once had a conversation with a british taxi driver in a very little quaint town called letcombe and i remember mentioning to him that if a man from two thousands years ago were to raise up from the dead he would find our world now with all the technology and modernization would be completely alien and incomprehensible to him but he would find absolutely no change in our human psyche. our greed, our thirst for blood and our territorial instinct will be completely understood by him. we have not changed an iota in these respect from the first bipeds that ever walk on the face of the earth since half a million years ago.

i wanted to talk more along this line but he wasn't interested so we found a common ground and talked about women with big tits instead.

Yes, about the big tit, instead. This is the want of bushism and zionism.
dear rohan;

you're obviously not my target reader.

you better stick to those tedious political blogs.
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