Tuesday, January 20, 2009


jay leno

these days we don't get too many good comedies on tv. it's a real pity that astro doesn't have a comedy channel. about the only comedy i get these days are from jay leno . but in general i hate talk shows . i never watch the local ones. they are mostly embarassing and sometimes quite stupid. and i detest oprah, she's so tedious and boring...i can't understand why she's so popular...but i quite enjoy that trinity of american funny talk show hosts (david letterman, jay leno and conan o'brien). unfortunately we now only have leno here. and he's good.

women can never compete with men when it comes to being funny. may be they have smaller funny bones in their body. but there could well be scientific reason for it. and it's probably evolutionary. in fact christopher hitchens had a very interesting thing to say why women are not funny. read it for yourself here.

the other day jay leno mentioned about the playboy lord hugh heffner. do you know that this guy is now 88 and currently has three girl friends? two of them are twins. nineteen year old twins! this guy has all the luck in the world. but i can't imagine what he can do with all those girls though. but then again may be he's still a randy bugger as he always is. why, the other day there's a local news about an 84 year old molesting his 10 (Ten!) year old grand daughter. he was caught 'lying on top ' of the girl. he is an animal it's true but it proves one important point. this is very good news for us males. even in our sunset years we can still be as randy as any young studs. and not to worry if our weapon of mass destruction don't function too well by then. we can buy viagra by the jars. and what about the women you ask. that is absolutely no problem. one thing i learn about women. they LOVE money. they'll do anything for money. it's all evolutionary.

and on that day dustin hoffman was on the program. i don't view dustin hoffman as a funny guy so it came as a surprise to see him on jay leno cracking jokes and enjoying himself acting like a comedian. i know that he has acted in comedies before in films like meet the fockers but i remember him more as a dramatic actor and some of the most memorable films and my favorites are his seventies films like papilon, midnight cowboys, marathon man and straw dogs.

i usually don't watch comedies like meet the fockers or those other tedious family oriented and feel good comedies that holywood seems to dish out every year. the kind of comedies meant for people who read the fucking reader's digest and business books . i personally like my comedies a little bit shall we say of 'industrial strength'. i'm more of a borat person than that sienfield asshole. and so it was quite fun to listen to dustin hoffman telling a joke about oral sex and the bullfrog on jay leno. i think i'll now go and look for his film lenny about the very very bad mouth comedian lenny bruce . there is a version of this oral sex joke on the internet somewhere but the one i read was nowhere as funny as the way dustin hoffman told it. but then again dustin hoffman is a very good actor....

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