Friday, January 30, 2009


mrs wino's boobs

if you ask me who are my current favourite singers or bands i must admit i can not name any name. the local radio stations aren't any help at all...most play infantile ditties or those stupid ghetto hip hops that i detest. of course there are memorable songs here and there such as that song about umbrella ela ela ela...but i don't think i'd go out and buy her albums. pop isn't exactly my genre of choice. though i must say now that she's coming to perform here next month i don't exactly mind and go and watch her perform. though most likely i won't. one of the few songs that i like in recent years in the pop/rock catergory is audioslave's like a stone...but that was years ago...i seem to get stuck with trippy songs from the floyd, yes (tales from the topographic ocean, fragile, close to the edge era) , genesis (peter gabriel era). and i just bought from a local pirate Lou Reed's BERLIN a julian schnabel directed 2006 concert film of lou reed playing songs from his great 1973 BERLIN album. julian schanbel is an interesting guy. he once came to canne's film festival wearing a sarong. i hate his paintings but his films are good. especially his latest the diving bell and the butterfly.

but these days one is hard pressed to name any really good and interesting english singers. one name quite stand out though. amy winehouse. otherwise known as Barmy Amy , or mrs wino among other things. this lady has character. a boozing drug addled 'genius'. she's living her life to the max and slowly killing herself in the process. with a husband in jail and personal life in tatters and probably going psycho (by common conventional standard that is) one ought to feel pity for her but hey, it's her life. she hasn't killed or harm anybody as far as i know.

even so it came as a small surprise to me to see her doing a 'balcony boogie' in the nude as you can see here in st lucia where she's having her holiday right now. but for a drug crazed babe who looked half dead not long ago, she seemed to be quite healthy now and she sure has quite a nice body (i stole this pic from one naughty blog ). i give her 7.5 out of ten.

and here's one of her very good songs titled appropriately enough you know i'm no good.

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