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Of all the films being made about America's involvement in Iraq, evidently none is more loathed in the United States than Redacted. This "fictional documentary" by Brian De Palma, about an outrage committed by US troops on Iraqi civilians, is powerful, provocative, shocking and even slightly crazy in ways that may not be entirely intentional. By the end of its 90 minutes, the china shop of taste and judgment is pretty well smashed to pieces by this great big bull of a film. I've seen it twice now - at the Venice film festival last year and at a screening in London - and both times I could feel huge numbers of people, hawks and doves alike, being gripped, baffled and appalled by its sheer semi-controlled offensiveness.

that comes from the first paragraph of peter bradshaw's review of the latest brian de palma's movie 'redacted' in the guardian. it tanked horribly in the US and probably haven't been seen much elsewhere outside of the festival circuits. probably it's no surprise but a real pity. people don't want to see themselves in the mirror if what they see is not what they want to see and redacted shows some of the worst aspects of american war on iraq. someone ought to give this movie as a farewell present to george w bush.

i hate to watch movies about iraq as atrocities are still going there right now and it's too painful to sit and watch and be reminded of everything that is still going on. the pain is too raw. so it's doubly amazing that brian de palma can go through making such a painful movie. most people need the distance of time to softhen things up. the only two movies about iraq that i've seen are this and the equally great screw ball black comedy the three kings set during the first iraq war. This later one is quite the opposite apart from the fact that both are in a sense 'anti-war'.

it would be interesting to see in years to come whether the movie makers would treat the middle east, iraq and iraqis as they treat the second world war and the germans and the jews and the nazis. and who would be the nazis in this case?

Pls do read about the reconstructional thought on US foreign policy (New World Order) in DIPLOMACY by Henry Kissinger.

Outside the Western Hemisphere as i understood from his elaboration are western pawns for reason d'etat called LIBERTY.

Will Qur'anic theme of liberating the humankind from the servitude of humankind shall prevail?

Let us observe the squabble between these 2 dissents in a near future...
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