Sunday, January 18, 2009


trengganu kite, CONGRATULATION!!!

KT people has done the right thing! MY HEARTFELT CONGRATULATION!!!

as a kelanatanese i have always looked at terengganu as a kind of an idiot brother. they speak funnnier than us, they tried to copy our nasi dagang and get it hopelessly wrong (they use WHITE sticky rice!) , and they are weak when it comes to politics. they wilt when umno assholes wave twenty ringgit to their face. not like us who don't give a fuck for umno briberies. we'd rather become backward and live in stone age rather than be ruled by bastards from umno. we love our nik aziz but trengganu people don't seem to love their great tuan guru hj hadi very much.

but not this time around! they have done BETTER than we kelantanese would have done. i think if this 'buy-election' had occured in any kelantan seat ,with all the bn big goons swarming the place , and the unheard of promises and candies thrown every which way, WE would have wilted! but you, people of P36 did not wilt this time! you're the hero! i'm overjoyed.

and looking at this picture of raja petra kamarudin (RPK) broke down in tears , overwhelmed with emotion brings tears to my eyes. now here's a man - a special one among many - who had worked so hard and tirelessly to ensure the KT people especially the chinese to vote for PAS.

this by- election proved many things and all the political wags will have a field day in the next few weeks to come spinning and pontificating to their hearts' content but i'll just point to one. khairi jamaludin was quite cocky when he tought he trapped PAS and dragged the 'hudud' issue in as a bogey for chinese voters , but this failed. ironically the debates that ensued and explanations by PR people and thanks to people like RPK in the end it turned into a a non issue here and ultimately with better understanding it will perhaps lessen the fear among non muslims in malaysia as a whole. in short KJ looked like an asshole. i'm amazed why umno is so besotted with this guy. the fucker is a liability to umno. and that reminds me. why on earth did umno still drag that rat ezzam to do last minute dirty job for them?. that cost umno a few hundreds votes at least.

and so, i hope this sweet victory in kt proves once again that malaysians are not too stupid after all. i can see a potential new beginning of a really new malaysia where malaysians of all colors and religions will live and love each other as one.

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