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oh what an interesting time it is for the citizens of perak state! for those who are addicted to malaysian politics but have high blood pressure and heart problem i suggest you take a few days off and fly somewhere where umno DAP and PKR don't mean a shit. (these parties full of crooks racists and rejects of each other certainly don't mean shit to me) . go to boracay or somewhere. let the politicians fight it out. switch off.

i don't have high blood pressure and heart problem as far as i know and i'm not from perak but i am in boracay right now . a place that is listed in one of those silly books of lists like 1000 places to see before you die. boracay is one of the three from philippines that made it to the list. the second is banaue rice terraces in the north east of luzon. sometimes described as the 'eighth wonders of the world'....not very much of a wonder in my view...and the third is...never mind...lists are very subjective and quite meaningless most of the time.

boracay is okay. think of kuta bali with no big surf but better beach. nothing too spectacular . snorkelling places are not half as good as those on the islands off trengganu. the only memorable thing for me is that i snorkelled with my mobile in my pocket and needless to say i'm 'immobile' now at least for a few days. there are quite a few phone repair shops here speciallising on repairing drowned mobiles. apparently there are quite a lot of idiots like me. germans, i don't feel too bad...

Agree. Take a rest. After that come with a new and great idea in you blog. Especially the way you see how art should be. :=)
Germans, Americans screwing up phones? sorry bro, but in my 4 years here, its easily 90% Filipinos from other cities that go swimming with phones.

Dont qoute me on this (opinion only), but I think it's because they normally swim as they are clothed. Meaning they go swimming in their regular walk around shorts and underwear (if they wear any at all, which most Filipino males dont). I guess they just get the urge to swim and dont bother changing clothing. It is very common to see them spend the rest of the day in soaked clothing trying to dry as they walk about.
As I expected, the two thugs crossed over, greenbottle. Nobody pushed them in front of a Porsche. What an anti-climax. So much to the ending of RPK's fantastic tale. Sigh.
i was talking to mr shark but don't know your tel. no. to call up.
hahaha,,,next time try getting an underwater tel.

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