Saturday, February 07, 2009


perak is fucked

now, i'm not going to give my two cents worth of political analysis . there're too much discussions, analyses , comments and spins already in the blogosphere , the msm and idiot tvs. i can't add anything worthwhile but i'll say this. perak may be quite fucked right now. but out of this fiasco I'VE FOUND MY LOCAL HERO!!!

forget najib forget anwar. both are merely the two sides of the same coin. both are assholes. now i know who is the real candidate for our next PM. the past few days' events have proven to be the making of dato seri ahmad Nizar. i've nothing but admiration for this man. i love him! he's malaysia's best hope . i dearly wish PAS will field him as a parliamentary candidate in the next GE. i dearly wish PAS will elect him to the highest office and i dearly wish this man to be our next prime minister.

isn't it ironic that a PAS man fights tooth and nails for a perak state government full of chinese DAP excos and state reps? one would think that PAS would secretly be elated that now the state government is full of malays(muslims) . but pas is not an asshole party like umno. PAS has idealism and principle. and even a bastard like me can understand that. i may not be a model muslim but hell, i love PAS. i only trust PAS. and watching malay muslims with white kopiahs in their thousands demonstration and protesting just to save a government full of chinese assemblymen should put to rest the chinese distrust of PAS . PAS isn't like the fucks in PKR and DAPs. you can depend on PAS. and nobody can buy PAS people.

interesting time ahead! but can't help wondering how those two PKR fucks and umno fuck and that DAP fuck sleep. do these fucks have conscience and souls? don't they feel ashamed looking dato seri nizar in the eyes? but i guess some men are just animals....

Great post. I'm also for PAS.
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