Wednesday, March 18, 2009


gone to the dogs

and so, ali rustam the malacca CM , a one time ex tnb clerk and an aspirant to the no 2 post in umno (and by default deputy PM) now bites the dust. he was caught with his pants down and is now barred from contesting the post that some think is his for the taking. some like sakmongkol47 claimed that he 'crashed the red light' even way back in 2004 but was lucky to escape punishment then- like the rest- except the poor isa samad who infamously uttered the unforgettable words to people who presumably got his money but didn't vote for him " kita jumpa di padang mahsyar" or something to that effect .

so that leaves two men standing for the no. 2 contest. a) the current favorite muhyiddin who according to sakmongkol 47 in one of his recent blog posts again:...

I remember Musa Hitam used to joke around saying; the only land (tanah) that Muhyiddin hasn't sold or alienated is the land on his mother's grave.

and the second candidate is the biggest clown of all.M2Taib. the man who dragged a couple of million ringgit worth of hard cash into australia and feigning stupidity and ignorance of basic custom rule and to prove that he couldn't understand a simple aussie custom form he took an english test and obtained a failing grade, and presumably because of this he was found not guilty by the aussie court. to pull one over the aussies is something i really admire him for but what guarrantee that the fucker won't pull one over us the rakyat if he is elected the no.2?

but that's not the worst of it. najib the unchallenged one and our PM to be is someone to really fear for. the situation is so desparate that zaid ibrahim even made a plea to the king not to make najib the next pm. and oh boy, with rosmah as the first lady....this is more fearful than hantu tetek.

but what choice do we have? the second liners aren't much better. Hishamuddin , reputedly the most popular VP candidate according to RPK is a brainless twat....or something to that effect and khairi ? he'll treat the country like his fiefdom if given the chance. afterall, in pre march 8 era, he used to run malaysia on behalf of his FIL if we were to believe what tun dr M says...

and so you think ok we should come see the other side. well my friends, bad news here too. this side is equally fucked. Parti keadilan is full of useless assholes. look at the bastards who ruined perak govt. and now ruining penang. they are all keadilan fuckers. the keadilan haters would gleefully point out that it must be so because their leader is reputedly fond of assholes.

and DAP?.with demented karpal singh around nobody in his right mind will pay serious attention to DAP...except chinese racists.

ahhh...PAS then. well, i can say this. PAS has some of the most beautiful and idealistic and morally upright supporters of any parties around. but their head! their head! by Allah...the head is fucking retarded! when everybody is pissing on BN and this shit of a coalition is half dead here comes the fucker offering some lifeline in the form of unity government! what fucking unity government. and the cheek of it all. does he realize that his party (PAS) is the most junior party in PR? i think hadi awang's head should be examined top psychiatrist.

i'm fucking sick of malaysian politics...the country is going to the dogs... i'm going to switch off again. in a couple of weeks' time i'm off to vietnam again. my randy vietnamese friend says there's a very good beach right down south. it's an island at the southern tip of vietnam. for all i know the fucker is referring to perhentian island. you never know with these vietnamese. they are a bloody mad people too. for all we know they think some of our islands are theirs...and if we bring them to the international court we'll probably lose that batu putih thing....anyway, i'll make sure that i do not put my handphone in my pocket when going snorkelling this time...


apahal lu bawak hp masuk snorkle
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