Sunday, March 22, 2009 this for real?

read an interesting interview of mike tyson yesterday. not our local idiot mike tyson, our very own legendary m2Taib who -for unknown reason to me- is saddled with the mike tyson monicker. this damned guy has the cheek to contest for deputy umno president post and for all we know and i won't put it pass the stupid bastards in umno- now that the ex tnb clerk ali rustam who supposedly can't speak a decent sentence in english to save his grandmother is out of the way- to vote for him , who also supposedly can't speak a decent sentence in english to save his grandmother. and he may win it too next tuesday (god forbid! - for the sake of malaysia).

no, i'm referring to the true legend mike the heavyweight boxer. this guy has his equal share of tribulations -to say the least -and now that a movie on him is out soon i'm very much looking forward to it. he is one very fascinating character. he shows the best and worst side of what human being is all about.

and speaking of which, last night watched US president obama interview on jay leno. i only wish we have our own local leno, or conan or letterman or jonathan ross to interview our local politicians.well, may be in a hundred years time. for the moment we'll have to make do with ...nothing. obama is a fascinating politician. his intelligence is without question. anybody who can explain to non economist and layman like me how AIG can bring down the whole banking system of the US and ruin the us economy if it is not saved (bailed out) in 5 minutes on a funny talk show program must be something. i wish him all the best and wish he could think out of the box on foreign policy too (but here, i'm not hopeful).

and speaking of boxes, one of the most interesting comments by tyson in the fascinating the guardian interview which you can read it here in full is this. he is in a rough patch right now but according to this interview;

Now he worries the film might be too successful and he will end up with "too much money and pussy" again. "It's pretty dangerous. I become accustomed to it."

now THAT is something most people would LOVE to worry about. too much money and pussy! boy, i'd love to have this headache any time any day.

which reminds me of another very very interesting thing.

Wenger J Khairy made an interesting comment to my blog post 'don't be evil' (march 15) saying that he doesn't buy that coming from google because as he put it:

...recently they were even accused of playing a part in trying to cover up Nazri Aziz son's photo

well, what do you know! is this for real? you can read all the juicy stories and avail yourselves to the racy pictures here. pictures were supposedly of our menteri nazri aziz bonking a girl that is obviously not his missus and his drunken son with a bevy of beauties. so far i've not seen anything in the MSM or even the other internet papers but you can see all of them here. despite claim by the blogger who posted the story on his site that there were several attempts to block the site , so far "they" are still unsuccessful and the site is still up and running. but hurry ! just in case they may be successful as google itself is giving a helping hand as the blogger exclaimed in one of his posts;

I am an American being CENSORED by the Malaysian government with the help of Google!

well, there goes google's 'don't be evil' motto. and is there any connection between this story and nazri aziz declining to contest the supreme umno post? who knows ! and i for one don't care. in fact in this matter i'm all for free consensual sex. enough of all these hypocrisy! who cares what you do with your dicks. good luck to you! but...but...but if you are a public figure of course you're expected to behave yourself.

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