Wednesday, April 08, 2009


wawaweewah!!!! well done NIZAR!

oh wawaweewaah!!! as borat would exclaim. BN got the Batang but PR got the best part. they have the two burits! er...i mean bukits. it's perfectly acceptable and understandable that batang ai goes to BN. i mean these poor natives are almost still swinging from tree to tree to get around in this remote place and completely ignorant of the new malaysia. and i won't put it past BN fuckers to buy these poor voters with just a couple of pigs each. i mean fuck. this is what if anything, BN really excel in.

but as we all know the jewels are the two bukits. and wawaweewah! well done PAS and PKR! i mean i was half expecting the worst. what with all the big guns and all...and what is bigger than mahathir eh? but i think this is the end of mahathir. he ought to keep his peace now. just shut the fuck up. looks like the two bukits is his waterloo. stop giving trouble to the beleguered najib. the guy has enough problems and among other things to handle his dear missus and our new first lady rosmah (very scary this) without you trying to sodomise him further. and if najib is half as bright as i think he is, he should nicely tell mahathir to fuck off and go and enjoy his sunset years in the maldives or somewhere.

i think mahathir has done an irreparable damage to his image in these past couple of days. he literally flipped over backward and contradicted every single good thing he has been saying in his blog when he resigned and was outside umno since a few months back. but he went flipping mad the moment he rejoined umno. perhaps it can't be helped. an asshole party will turn you into an asshole. my advice to every good citizen: stay away from this shit of a party. let us move forward with a new malaysia. and you know, about that R.A.H.M.A.N prophesy thing? The N should've been NIZAR. he is the new Nik Aziz and even better. He is admired by both the malays and non malays. i pray one day he'll go on to be PAS president and go on to become our PM.

it is a good thing that i'm now sitting in a room on the executive floor of the new world hotel saigon and would not be reading any spins that will surely appear in the local papers tomorrow. i don't want to throw up all over the place.

and so tomorrow, my vietnamese friend will bring me somewhere that he has not told me (where) yet. this guy is getting more cranky lately. in the 'old days' he would entertain me as if he is a slave and i'm the king of bukina faso but these days... i don't know . lets see tomorrow.

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