Friday, May 15, 2009



what a mess perak is in now! for some crazy reason it keeps on reminding me about the bible story of the death of JC. when old JC died on the cross, we effectively don't have a god to run the universe, for you see, JC is not only the one and only son of god but god made human flesh and blood or so some people think. and so effectively if this is to be believed , when JC died, god also died so basically it means that the universe had no menteri besar when JC gave up the ghost. which sounds rather funny- for a god to give up a ghost- but then it's not that inaccurate to say this because god in christian religion also comes in the form of a holy ghost. so it's just like perak state now, when nizar is declared the real MB, but then the court awarded this 'stay of execution' (which sounds rather grim in a different context) and so now zamry thinks that he is still the MB but that is disputed by about everybody except umno people and so basically perak now has no real MB just like that time when we had no real god because he died on the cross...or so some people believed. in short perak is in a limbo or to put it more bluntly, perak is fucked.

which makes me think about sex. the funny thing is , as we all know malaysia is a highly polarised country. racism is never been more intense than it is now. the chinese think that the malays are lazy buggers, the malays think that chinese are just like the hated jews and everybody just kick the indians around. we malaysians are completely screwed. the only thing that prevent malaysia from disintegration is this. the different communities are just like the animals in the jungle. they by and large keep to themselves and don't encroach onto each other's space. so although we all call ourselves malaysians we live our separate lives. it has been said that for malaysians , the only time the different races are fully integrated are when they visit whorehouse. for you see, in a whorehouse chinese like to fuck malays like to fuck chinese like to fuck indians like to fuck malays like to fuck indians and so on and yeah, that's not a bad idea, turn malaysia into one big whorehouse and we'll love each other.

that reminds me of another thing. i'm getting mildly depressed again because currently there is a huge book sales going on and i bought a few hundred ringgits' worth of books again that I will never ever going to read. not because they are not good but on the contrary they are very good and that's why i'm mildly depressed. with thousands of books in my personal library now i'll need several lifetimes if i were to read them all. and among the books and back issues of magazines that i bought was this scientific american issue which caught my attention. one lead article is why do men buy sex. and one little fact was astounding;

In Thailand, where prostitution is illegal but socially accepted, one study suggested that a whopping 95 percent of men have slept with a prostitute.

and that my friends mean that just about everybody goes to a whorehouse in thailand...except the monks may be. may be that's why thailand is such a tolerant and non racist nation. everybody goes to whorehouse. oh, some will start shouting about the exploitation of women and all that. may be true. but not all. i've never seen a whore with a long face in my life. well, at least from my observations of naked girls happily dancing their life away in soy cowboy and the like. which is not to say that these girls are not exploited by evil men. some of course do.

which brings me to another thing. one of the books that i just bought was this last novel by norman mailer. one of the triumvarate of the truly great american writers. gore vidal and kurt vonnegut were the other two. all of them are dead now. the castle in the forest is norman mailer's last book and is a story of the young hitler narrated by the devil himself. sounds very delicious . anything about evil is fascinating and it's worthwhile for everybody to understand more of the nature of evil and for some crazy reasons that makes me think about umno again.....

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