Friday, May 08, 2009


industrial grade stupidity

malaysia is a very boring country. i mean one is hard pressed to think of one interesting thing about malaysia. yes we have a lot of monkeys in our jungle. and we have orang utans swinging from tree to tree in sepilok or somewhere. that is quite interesting. but apart from a few monkeys i can't think of any other thing that is really interesting about my country. but lately our political shenanigans are at least at par with some fucked up countries like the philippines, or thailand or afghanistan... we don't bomb people yet but i think we are getting closer. and probably about time too.

today malaysian politics is elevated to the next level of industrial grade stupidity. i won't say anything about the monkey antics in perak dewan today because everybody has read all about it elsewhere like here or here. these two ex PKR son of bitches jamaluddin mohd razi and mohd osman jailu who were caught red handed with bundles of cash up their bums sometimes back and the mother of all bitches hee shit foong (ex DAP cunt who sulked because she can't get a camry- according to some reports) will go down in history as the vermins responsible for screwing up malaysia and make us the laughing stock of the whole world (not that the whole world gives a shit about malaysia). to think that three worthless piece of shit can cause so much pain and trouble to the people of perak and malaysia is almost incomprehensible. and thanks to these three assholes the perak state government is now well and truly fucked. not that i fucking care very much about perak state but boy oh boy i really wished someone shove C4 up these vermins' bums and blow them up to high, make that hell....

oh dear... i get really worked up again i'm afraid and it's 1.24 am in the morning and i need cheering up. and i guess i'll follow the example of Edward Heath (British PM in the seventies). He read Monty Python and the Holy Grail (book) and this is what he wrote (as appeared on the cover of the book)...

Certainly cheered me up a lot after losing two elections and the leadership of the conservative party.

someone ought to give the book as a present to Dato Seri Nizar (my current hero).the book is a first draft of the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail with all the crosses scribbles and doodles and it is very very funny. I've seen the film countless of times . (countless here means probably 3 or 4 times). i read the first few pages just now and it certainly cheered me up a bit. here's a version of the script. reading this make me forget those assholes in perak.

and i read quite a funny joke from RPK's newest mad posting in exile here.
and here's the joke...

Recently, they held a competition to create a new slogan for Najib’s regime. The third prize was a trip to the US. The second prize was a cake. When the second-prize winner was called up to receive his prize he screamed, “The third prize winner gets a trip to the US and all I get is a bloody cake?” The soon-to-be Malaysian Ambassador replied, “But this is not just any cake. This cake was baked by Rosmah herself.” The second-prize winner then shouted, “Screw Rosmah,” and our wise guy replied, “Ah, but that is the first prize.”

And of course the soon-to be-Malaysian ambassador is 'mr raba raba' as the KJphile blogger sakmongkol AK47 calls him.

not exactly in the monty python's and the holy grail's league but not bad...any joke about our first lady by definition isn't bad...

and for some reason i suddenly feel a craving to read what used to be the best comic strip in the NST. i'm referring to li'l abner. they don't feature this comic strip anymore and NST these days is just a ghost of it's former glory days (and i'm only referring to their old wednesday's literary section when if i'm not mistaken khee thuan chye was the literary editor). just reading this wiki entry on li'l abner make me glow with pleasure.

the fucking perak state assembly sitting today can give the best li'l abner strip a run for the money .

referring to your 1st para, our beach is something to be proud of, kan?
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