Wednesday, June 17, 2009


UG? Urghhhh!!!

OMG! (as some people would say these days), there's no let up to this Unity government (UG) stupidity. and the devilish umno , sly bastards that they are are quick to sense blood. and the fucking retarded leaders of PAS (and i'm especially referring to nasharuddin and his band of idiots) are swallowing it hook line and sinker (as the expression goes ). god! it makes my blood boil again.

i need a break from torturing myself reading and hearing and watching these umno devils egging these PAS idiots on and on with this UG stupidity. it's so bloody embarrassing to stand and watch pas getting mauled and fooled by the umno devils yet again... dear god almighty! i had to run away again! fucking coward that i am! i just can't understand these people. why are they hell bent on destroying what gains they have! why are their brains so fucking small that they can not think outside of umno! and this media spin about the erdogans are pro anwar is making me trow up again! fuck the alleged sodomist. pas with people like nizar, khalid, husam can give anwar a run for the money (as the expression goes) and pas people ought to have bigger brains to think beyond anwar!

but with pea brained nasharuddin and the gang egging hadi awang (which never in a million years will become PM inside or outside PR) on and on about UG, and TGNA is getting angrier and angrier and the sly devils in umno egging the idiot nasharuddin on and on for more concrete UG talks it's a matter of time before things will really blow up and PAS will then be truly screwed .

god! i really think i need another break...and i think i'll go to luang prabang this time...or may be in the short term (as they say in our office) i'll just make do and pacify myself by reading another travel book on laos by that "intrepid geriatric granny" dervla murphy titled one foot in laos.
if this one sentence exerpt from this independent book interview is to go by she sounds like one hell of a grand mama...but may be instead of cooling me off it'll get me all riled up against the fucking american government again...

"Every night during the Secret War, while Americans postured about saving the world from the evil empire, their AC47 gunships patrolled skies over Laos and when their infra-red sensors reacted to warm flesh, heroes on board fired 6,000 rounds a minute, not knowing whether their targets were Pathet Laos, soldiers, buffaloes, North Vietnamese, pigs, nursing mothers, gibbons or children. And B52 pilots on their way back from abortive sorties into Vietnam regularly dropped unused bombs upon Laos, having being ordered not to land with high explosives on board."

hi i came via sharon's blog. can i just say, you are very funny. i enjoy your posts!
ah ha ha...glad that you 'get it'...
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