Friday, July 24, 2009


c'est la vie

there's quite a brouhaha (hey nice old word this) about the news of that model who is sentenced to a fine and whipping for the crime of drinking alcohol in public. the uproar caused by this little news is because of the general public ignorance about the muslim syariah hudud laws and the idiots among us including the ignorant non muslims who don't have anything to do with this issue start to give their half cent worth of stupid comments.

now i don't want to sound like my taliban brothers for only god knows i'm such a hypocritical bastard myself but there's only one word for it. leave it the fuck alone. oh no, that's not one word but one sentence. but the point is these days any old fool think that he/she is such an expert in islamic jurisprudence and start arguing and giving their own fatwas why this or that sentence is not right. for the muslims who don't agree with the sentence just go fuck yourself...go and apostasize and go and worship a fucking jew or goat or a tree. be anything you want..just fucking a kafir...and just shut the fuck up.

now this does not mean that i'm HAPPY with the sentence. in fact i pity the poor girl. but i look at it this way. say, if you're caught screwing an underaged girl , you can shout and holler till you're blue in the face that it is all consensual but you know that if you're caught, well than you're fucked my friend. simple as that. nobody will argue that the sentence is unjust . there won't be any brouhaha if you're whipped and put in the slammer for it...unless of course if you're a politician like that ex melaka chief minister who was alleged to screw an under aged girl and get away with it and the only person who was kicked into the gaol was the current CM of penang and his crime was only for trying to defend the girl ...

and so, the lesson here is simply this. don't get caught and you'll be fine. i was with a few business collegues in dusit thani bangkok recently and during the crappy business lunch they as usual noticed that i don't drink and asked why. and as usual i explained that i am a muslim who don't drink. and one of the guys mentioned that he recently attended a meeting and sit at the same table with what his name that banker brother of your PM najib? oh! and i gave a name and he said, well he drank wine! and i said well, as i say i am a muslim who don't drink, but many others do. but doesn't your religion say you can not drink ? he egged me on. and i said well as far as i know all religions don't allow adultery and sex before marriage but that don't stop us from srewing like buggery...or something to that effect. and i asked him what was the reason the guy gave for drinking . oh he said it's only fruit juice. and i said there are some other reasons given . one of my friends just said it's for medicinal purpose. but the point is these guys and thousands others don't get caught and so... many others who commited crimes thousands of times worse and don't get caught ...yes life is unfair that way. but that's life c'est la vie ...

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