Monday, August 31, 2009


agnostic flea

today is our national day (hari kebangsaan) . it used to be called independance day (hari kemerdekaan). i don't know why this change which carry subtle difference in meaning. in fact quite recently anwar and the gang in PKR were questioning why we celebrate 31 august 1957 instead of september 16 1963 as our national day as this is more correct because sabah and serawak were not yet a part of malaysia in 1957. so in a sense sabah and serawak need not really celebrate the national day today. not that too many people seem to feel like celebrating anything today .

malaysia today is at its lowest ebb. everybody is angry and sad. racial polarisation has never been as bad as today. racial tension is at its worst since i can not remember when. political blogs are bristling with incendiery postings and comments are full of hatred. facebook "friends" (those with brains) stop doing silly quizzes and posting inane statements and make comments on latest political happenings which elicit further furious comments. i must admit i did occasionally contribute my share of hate filled comments by calling umno people brainless bastards (which of course they are) and such like.( they deserve worse.).

everybody has an opinion on everything. non muslims comments on kartika beer drinking issue as though they are experts in syariah laws and believe their views are the wisest of them all. some muslims think that parading a severed bull head to show their displeasure at PR decision to relocate a hindu temple in their housing area as an enlightened action. malaysia today makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

today on this national day and right now , my feeling is dark and gloomy and full of foreboding of more worse things to come. i'm always wrong on all sorts of things so i hope i'm proven wrong again. i hope this day is the bottom of the trough for malaysia and we can only move up hence.

but when you're feeling low often times you turn to god, and especially so during this spiritual month of ramadhan. but when your mood is foul , you sometimes have bad thoughts. sometimes i feel like that agnostic flea in a funny cartoon strip that i saw a long time ago. it showed a little flea walking among dog's hairs. because the flea was so minute (in relation to the dog) the hairs look as big as coconut palms on a desert island and the little flea was walking on this island . and the caption says "sometimes i wonder if there is a dog" feeling exactly.

religion is a very slippery thing. but it's not the time to jabber about it today eventhough the leit motif of the the great malaysian novel we're living right now is yes, religion. except to say this. everyone has an opinion what god is and what true religion is. some of the best interpretation that i came across recently is this children interpretation of the christian marriage

A Christian should have only one spouse. This is called monotony.

and this on one of the ten commandments.

The seventh commandment is thou shalt not admit adultery.

and you know what, suddenly i feel the sun is shining again....happy merdeka (or national day)....

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