Wednesday, August 19, 2009


loyar buruk

just found out that there's going to be a new monty python series coming out soon. actually a documentary series on monty python but still, with monty python in it (or what's left of it) it'll still be something very much to look forward to. even by the high standard of monty python , the title of the series is very delicious....Monty Python: almost the truth (The Lawyer's cut).

that is the funniest title of any film that i came across since i don't know when. any mention of lawyers anywhere immediately either make you want to laugh or will raise a red flag. it's just like a mention of oh i dunno...snakes? it's absolutely in character and stand to reason that a majority of politicians are also lawyers which is as it should be for politicians are law makers. and to me both politicians and lawyers, well they are cut from the same cloth. lawyers first choice of career move is almost always to be a politician. it makes perfect sense and it also well, sometimes make me think of snakes...(quite unfair to snakes i know...but we're talking about reputations here....or as those sly bastards in umno now euphemistically referred to as perceptions...)

the best jokes are probably dirty jokes but a close second to me are about politicians and lawyers. i'm a fan of the new yorker cartoons and the great new yorker have compilations of all the cartoons ever published in the new yorker magazines in 'the complete cartoons of the new yorker' . and on top of that they have special compilations of jokes on some aspects that reflect human characters the new yorker book of money cartoons and my favorite, the new yorker book of political cartoons and the new yorker book of lawyer cartoons.

i don't know what is it that make politicians and lawyers so ripe for derision and often hatred. we even have a very popular local compilation called politicians say the darndest. It was so popular that a vol 2 was recently published. i don't know if there are any local publications on lawyers jokes but we have an absolute gem of an expression about lawyers that reflect how we feel about's loyar buruk. there is no perfect translation of this term that i can think of in english language but this term perfectly describes the crooked lawyers.

which brings me to why it moves me to write about lawyers today in the first place. it's about that dickhead rohaizat some shit or other , that disbarred lawyer and umno candidate for the coming permatang pasir by-election.

this guy exemplify perfectly what a loyar buruk is as can be discerned from all the news about him in the media like here or elsewhere. and what's making it worse is the way umno ,this shit of a party is bending over backward trying to defend this bastard. all the more reasons why i hate politicians. and the funny thing is i have a sneaking feeling that kairy jamaluddin may have something to do with this. rohaizat is only 38 so he would be an umno youth member. and KJ is umno youth head so probably he had a hand in supporting this loyar buruk to be the candidate in PP. and kj, this fucking einstein see fit to defend and support this this loyar buruk as a candidate. speaks volume about both...ah well, my blood is boiling i should stop here...

except to add a funny footnote .

one umno blogger that i sometimes read and quite respect his erudite (albiet sometimes long winded) postings is sakmongkol ak47. recently he had a posting why people in PP should vote umno this time. he wrote this before the news about the loyar buruk was out. and when he found this out he had this comment which made me respect him all the more. i guess he's one of the few good guys around in umno..good guys by umno standard that is....

this is his comments after he found out....

these fucking UMNO assholes never learn. just as we are about to defend the party, they have to come out with choosing a candidate that makes UMNO indefensible. bastards.

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