Saturday, October 24, 2009


i had a dream....

what a strange dream! it's quite atypical of my normal dreams of girls -who are not my wife- having all sort of shenanigans with me and what is worse is the dream was in english... a sure sign that i'm turning into one of my most hated creatures...the wog! oh what a dream! and it was not 'i had a dream' kind of that most famous black man on earth (and who recently slipped down to the second- after barack obama) who was shot dead for his idealistic, mine is a whole lot down to earth, mundane but disturbing to me none the less.

they say your dreams reflect your collective inner subconscious concerns and desires. and some say it merely depends on what you ate the night before, or because you don't wash your feet before you go to bed or some religious nuts would say because satan piss in your ears...

but let's see. what was the last food i ate last night?. Pineapple. doesn't seem to explain the dream. did i wash my feet before i go to sleep? my feet are always clean. i wear flip flop slippers in the house and i don't go walking barefoot anywhere and sometimes wash them before coming out of the i can consider that yes, effectively i washed my feet.

did satan piss in my ears? my wife always read passages of the Quran before she drops off beside me and although the Quran is not my bed time read i consider i was close enough to the holy book so i assume satan won't be hanging around near me. so, no satan urine in my ear.

and that remains the last thing. my subconscious desires and concerns. i'm a normal man. my normal aim in life is just like all of us... sex drug and rock and roll...or variations there of. the last thing i did before i went to sleep last night was to watch the late and great gore vidal on you tube . and read APOLLO magazine (Oct 2008) article on Prince Hans-Adams II of Liechstentein art collections which is considered to be one of the world's gtreatest private art collection. all these have absolutely nothing to do with the dream.

so there's one thing left that can explain it. it's the office work! like most of us poor salarymen, we bring our office worries to bed. but i always take a cavalier attitude towards office work. my motto is do your best but fuck them if they don't turn out the best. but the funny thing is i don't have any worry ith my office work. i could do them in my sleep!...hey that's proably the answer!

i dreamt of being tasked to chair a multi agency multinational meeting on a topic which i was absolutely unprepared for. we came to this office and led to a meeting room which had a BED in it. as some of the members arrived one or two tried the bed reclining or sitting on it. and all the participants in the meeting were WOMEN. some were quite beautiful and many were CHINESE. i was very flustered because i didn't know any of these women and i didn't know what the agenda was and no knowledge or experience on the topic at hand. and instead of documents and files i only brought a PILLOW to the meeting....

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