Thursday, October 15, 2009


look at the bright side of life

i drove to pd on saturday night , the last night of campaigning for the bagan pinang state by election . jalan pantai was chock full of people and there was a very carnival like atmosphere along the road especially near and around telok kemang area. you can't even enter telok kemang and the traffic was diverted away at the roudabout. not without unintended sense of humor - it was diverted out back to kl.... i stopped at one place which i mistook for a pasar malam but full of people selling PAS things ...t shirts, cds, dvds, even dikir barat cds...but with a difference... the songs were all PAS oriented campaign songs. very nice. i almost felt like i was in my home town kb. never thought to see this kind of thing in PD which on normal days is almost like some places in bali...almost...and i thought hey, the old bugger is gonna get a drubbing this time may be? ...but then i realized all this carnival was due to people from outside coming to campaign or give moral support to PAS . met many people from kelantan, trengganu etc. spoke to a few and even went to one of the PAS ceramahs nearby which was empty and i had a sinking feeling that all wasn't well...and the rest is history...the sly bastard won by a landslide.

so much for idealism. all the yellow black and brown voters went back to support the dimunitive bugger in droves. can't blame them. fuck idealism. you can't eat idealism. what have they got to lose? between a dour , inarticulate and almost retarded looking PAS candidate and a cheerful devillish bugger with bag loads of hindsight it's obvious who the people in pd will choose. it's a no brainer.

i'm feeling sick of my fellow malaysians again... i'm losing hope. i don't think we'll ever be going to see umno and bn uprooted. may be we deserve having these crooks as our masters. we are all not so angelic ourselves. we're fucked and so we deserved to have fucked up masters.

the great wonder is we can stand being made fool of and being kicked around for more than 50 years by these assholes and yet we are super critical and can not stand five months of teething problems when it comes to the more idealistic PR people. talk about twisted logic.

but we have to look at the bright side of life - to quote life of brian - again. may be this bagan pinang fiasco is just a special situation. a localised and temporary insanity. we move on.
may be we all should be more positive . may be it's instructive and we to take heed from this little story...

A young man was extolling the virtues of his beautiful fiancee. One of his closest friends exclaimed, "you can't be serious about marrying Sarah Jane! Why, she's fucked every man in syracuse."

The bridegroom-to be thought awhile and then muttered pensively, "Syracuse isn't such a big town."

- Giant book of Dirty Jokes.

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