Thursday, April 15, 2010


company meetings

i know i've arrived at a certain state and level in the organization when i can have this kind of company meeting with seniour collegues. consider this meeting that i had recently with asia pacific supply R&D head.

'hi Pxxxx. how's things with you? are we on netmeeting? should i call you?'
'hey, how's my good friend today? yes, here's my IP address....'
'are you sharing something? the bloody line is awfully slow today. well, while this thing is coming up, just a personal question. you've been to south africa so many times. i'm thinking of taking a day to visit a game park...'
'you can't go to SA without going to a game park'...
'yes, but kruger is out...too expensive and i don't have enough time, is a one day visit to pilanesberg worthwhile?...'
'that's the one near sun city . yes that is good. one of the best in SA...'
'ok then. what about soweto? do you think it's ok for me to visit soweto?'
'it's a dangerous place . you must be very careful...'
'well, fuck Pxxx . i'm not white. i guess i can just blend in??...ok , i can see your excel now. ok i can update you on xxxx (here i name our company new product). it's due to get approval in indonesia in 2nd quarter this year. and may be 3rd or 1q next year here.'
'what about Thailand?'
'you know thailand Pxxxx. it's always giving me pain. the place is so unpredictable...but even if we get approval, the commercial folks may ask, you know...what about supply?'
and Pxxx our asia pacific Supply leader replied. ' here's my answer to their question. that's none of their fucking business right?...'
'ahaha..i guess you're right'...

and last week my 'functional boss' who is based in london sent me a short e-mail. it simply said this. "FLATTERY WILL GET YOU EVERYWHERE"
and i sent back a reply.
"i always believe trickery is more effective!!!"

well, lucky you that you get to work in an international environment compared to most of us here stuck with... ahhhhhhh.
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