Wednesday, May 26, 2010


hey now (don't dream it's over...)

a blast from the past. everytime i hear crowded house's song ' don't dream its over (hey now)' it brings a lump in my throat.such a sad sounding song! i don't know any other crowded house songs but this one but i know that some of the members were once in splitz enz which played genesis influenced prog rock songs, a totally different kind of songs from the more soppy crowded house music. and i've seen splitz enz live in my student days oh...seems like a hundred years ago and i love splitz endz because they sounded quite like genesis- peter gabriel era- which is one of my all time favorite bands and not the post gabriel era helmed by phil collins which i detest because of his soppy songs . but i quite love his (phil collin) jazzy adventure with brand X which is virtually totally unknown that even wiki entry on phil collins didn't mention this and certainly unknown to the generation of kids who only know his soppy songs - singles- like 'another day in paradise' during his more famous solo career as phil collins which is quite ironic again because when peter gabriel left genesis and turned solo he was ten thousands times better than phil or even most other english artists (which include american and aussies and other non native english speakers who sing in english if you want to be pedantic about it).

aah kids these days..with their ipods listening to rubbish. but thanks to good people that upload surprisingly hard to find songs onto youtube we can all go back in time and listen to real songs...

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