Thursday, August 11, 2011


life is like that...

the day that guy DSK the once sure bet for the next president of france had kinky sex with that african refugee hotel maid in new york sofitel hotel and ran off and got apprehended in jfk airport i was at the same airport too. i felt funny the way some significant events sometimes happen near you. when thailand had the last coup i was cooped up in a hotel not very far away. when the second bali bombing occured i was booked in a hotel less then a kilometer away. it goes to show that all kinds of funny things happen just near you everyday. just that you mostly are not aware of it. it's perfectly conceivable that the guy sitting next to you in a posh restaurant is a serial killer. or have just raped a six year old girl. just that he's not caught yet. or ever will.

this DSK fellow's sexual madness may seem to be incomprehensible to some but it is all perfectly normal. normal in the sense that if we know what men do when they think people aren't watching, it's absolutely astounding. there's no end to human depravity. most of us are real bastards when we really get down to it.

the other day for instance. i was having a formal meeting in our -what they call- iroom with this perfectly straightlaced and serious guy . a high flyer in an MNC. and in the middle of the discussion he said, ok let me show you this neat system where we can share the documents...and i said oh no, i'm very bad with all this new stuff. he said, no, it's very simple i'll show you. his laptop was connected to that thing that projects the image onto the big screen and he clicked his laptop keypad a few times and before he could do anything ten or so pornograpic images of couples screwing and pussy close-ups appeared in all their glory on the screen. his acute embarrasement was somewhat lessened by the fact that we had -what they call- one-on-one meeting rather than in a big room full of people. and i tried to lessen it further by asking him to copy the glorious images onto my thumb drive.

but that goes to show you never know the secrets of men until they get caught or they are blown out by some stupid clicks on the keypads. so be careful when you're doing big presentations. keep all your nasty stuff in external drives.

all these remind me of another thing. i haven't been reading much lately although i dip into a few short stories now and then. the last story i read is a story simply titled 1% about bikers in "playboy's College Fiction: A collection of 21 years of contest winners". 'Haven't read any novels for quite a while although i've been searching second hand bookstores for the late david foster wallace's infinite jest for quite sometimes now. i'm piqued when i heard the author mentioned that the book was written after a few of his friends committed suicide (which he too later did) and his comments that he was surprised many readers think the book funny whilst he considered it a very sad book. he said all these (and much more) in a fascinating interview with charlie rose. infinite jest is a gargantuan and 'difficult' book and in all likelihood i will not finish it as i tend to these days but one other book that i've been looking for i'll most likely finish it in one or two sittings. it is one racy and evil book that i think i will enjoy. i've been searching this book by the late Sebastian Horsley, his memoir Dandy in the underworld high and low to no avail but one day i'll get it. this guy admitted that he had slept with thousands of prostitutes and was not ashamed of it. he even gave a rather funny and smart guide to whoring as you can see here. that idiot DSK should have adopted sebastian horsley's philosophy or taken his advice rather than destroying himself in such a silly manner in the NYC sofitel.

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